When a crazy idea becomes real: Terri’s game

You read Jessica’s journey to Staging the Nation and her play Vote Revolt. Now it’s time to hear what Terri has to say about her crazy good theatrical game and how she felt when she saw it coming to life for the first time during a workshop.


A Game of Chaos is not your everyday “John Smith” theatre show. Inspired in part by game shows like Jungle Run, a show I loved watching as a kid, where you had to complete the challenge before the time ran out or the door would shut on you for good, and the work of Commedia artists, these stock, masked characters who know their place in an entertaining bubble; these two concepts meshed together have come up as A game of Chaos.

A Game of Chaos is a show where nothing is completely set in stone. “Alternative facts” are helpfully handed out, space declines continually and the clock keeps ticking until the decision has been made and the time is over. It is, above everything else, a response.
It is a response to the first scene in the play By Common Consent; where the abstract and reality merge on a small boat going to who knows where.
It is a response to the opportunity given by Staging the Nation to experiment and make work which genuinely questions the decisions we’ve made as a nation.
It is a response to Chaos – a chaos that many white, middle class, middle aged men wearing political rosettes thought it would be fun to play with, and ended as a game that even they are unsure of who won.

When I first witnessed A Game of Chaos being played out at Theatre N16 in March; a wonderful and bizarre sensation filled me. That a crazy, explosion of an idea which explores the shock, confusion and complications I felt with Brexit; which had only ever existed in my head, was now being played out in a claustrophobic space with real people reacting to it.
I suppose all theatre makers experience this when first viewing their work performed by other people, yet I guess I had the extra wonder of having absolutely no idea of what was about to happen – much like the whole “brextravaganza experience” really.

A game of Chaos is a theatre show for the people to make of it what they will. It is a theatre show for people to question or control, for people to laugh or cry at.
A Game of Chaos asks you a question, and asks you to decide, and once made; there is no going back.

The clock has started ticking people. Come, let us play.


You can follow Terri on twitter and don’t forget to book your ticket to see A Game of Chaos >> http://www.theatren16.co.uk/vote-revolt


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