Who are Jessica and Terri?

Only one week left before Vote Revolt + A Game of Chaos has its two-night run at Theatre N16 (get your tickets here)! We’re so excited to bring some cool, political new writing on the stage – we’ve already asked our writers to tell us about their pieces, but have yet to reveal more about the creative minds themselves.

So, if you’re asking yourself who the hell are Jessica Bailey, forthright playwright of Vote Revolt, and Terri Donovan, the brilliant mind behind A Game of Chaos, have a read!


Jessica is a writer from London with a degree and everything. Though she grew up in the capital, she has been known to open doors for people and freely admits being scared of pigeons. She grew up around London stages and met Jude Law when she was eight, thank you very much. As a writer, she has been mentored by great writers and teachers and she has enjoyed working with great writing and directing talent (Staging The Nation company included) having work workshopped and performed at The National Theatre Studio, Chichester Theatre, Tamasha Theatre Company and the Museum of London. She reviews (fairly) and comments on all things from TV, theatre, food, London, music and dance. She also indulges in some social media/directing and producing experience for cool experimental theatre companies such as Baz Productions. She also guest lectures at her old stomping ground, the University of Westminster, on creative writing, and is sure to wear those prescription free lenses to look cleverer as she does so. On a side note she has achieved Grade 5 tap but will only perform steps if encouraged ruthlessly and/or fairly inebriated. She came across Staging The Nation’s project at just the right time, both professionally and personally and is grateful of the opportunity to work with such a talented cast and crew on such important, topical issues – as well as donning her hat to the timeless original, by Paul Thompson. She thanks them all for their encouragement and support. She can’t draw, but loves to cook – and is chuffed this unique and vital project is making use of her work! She hopes you enjoy it and is becoming dangerously comfortable about talking about herself in third person. Thank you.

Terri is a young writer, actor and poet from Manchester. Trained as an actor at RADA (foundation in Acting) and the National Youth Theatre, she began writing two years ago when encouraged by a director to record the rehearsal experience and has since been chosen as part BBC Radio1XTRA’s Word First poetry scheme, John Berkovitch’s upcoming artists to work on his spoken word show at the Roundhouse. Her first solo show “Finding Elise” exploring dementia and the relationship with her Grandmother was commissioned by Contact Theatre and Word of Warning for the Work’s Ahead festival in 2016. She was also a member of Contact Yong Company and was involved in the radical Under The Covers directed by Stacey Makishi, a show which explored sex and sexuality in young adults at Contact Theatre (Manchester), The Southbank Festival Hall (London), Battersea Arts Center (London) and the Traverse Theatre (Edinburgh) and the Manchester Theatre Awards Winning show The Shrine Of Everyday Things – an off site theatre piece exploring the abstract of object possession.
She is also a huge admirer of Cats and taking long walks in the countryside for no apparent reason.

Vote Revolt + A Game of Chaos: Tickets
Twitter: Jessica BaileyTerri DonovanStaging the Nation


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