Staging the Nation is a research project started shortly after the EU referendum in 2016. We want to create original theatre and encourage emerging writers to play around with politics, with concepts such as ‘nation’ and ‘national identity’ and everything in between. We want to question events, decisions and their consequences. We want to address important issues in order to learn and grow as creatives and as people.
We also want to make this a platform for theatre makers and goers to collaborate, get inspired and create great theatre.

It all started from a reading of Paul Thompson’s By Common Consent (1974) – and you can read this Introduction to know more about it. We now have two new original pieces – Vote Revolt by Jessica Bailey and A Game of Chaos by Terri Donovan that you’ll be able to see at Theatre N16 in May.

We’re already thinking about our next step so if you want to get  involved, contact us!



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